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I am a literary enthusiast with a love for contemporary fiction. I have a specific passion for proofreading and editing, but most of all I love writing reviews and beta reading for both new and established authors. My goal is to help new and up coming authors find their following and promote their work(s).

The Professional Woman's Guide to Managing Men By: Anna Runyan

The Professional Woman's Guide to Managing Men - Anna Runyan

Breaking the Rules

686dcd03e7270ac1d1881a.L._V366122634_SX200_For my first post this week, I will be breaking the rules. I’m posting a review of my first non-fiction book and truthfully, I hope it is the first of many non-fiction books that will inspire me to do so. When I first approached the subject of reviewing non-fiction, I thought “only if it is entertaining.” There are many great people out there that proof and beta read text books and that just isn’t my style, so I wanted to keep it light. After reading the description for The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men, I thought “what harm could it do to know how to manage men? After all I am married to one.”

While reading the first few pages, I began to see this book was more than just a guide to managing men, it was a guide to good management from a woman’s perspective. Anna Runyan demonstrates how to encourage and develop the different work styles of men and women while utilizing your individual strengths and addressing your weaknesses. The author provides realistic and specific ways to implement management techniques while improving your confidence and relationships with employees and staff. My finale thought – this book gives women the tools to take an active role in their success and eliminating the “boys’ club” as an excuse.

Source: http://thebreakingbooks.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/the-professional-womans-guide-to-managing-men