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I am a literary enthusiast with a love for contemporary fiction. I have a specific passion for proofreading and editing, but most of all I love writing reviews and beta reading for both new and established authors. My goal is to help new and up coming authors find their following and promote their work(s).

"False Security" By Angie Martin

False Security - Angie Martin

False Security-A Review

I had the pleasure of beta reading for Angie Martin and was entranced by Angie’s ability to weave the delicate and suspenseful story of False Security.


Our story begins in Wichita, Kansas where we meet Rachel, her roommate Danielle, and Mark, the love interest. Rachel lives a simple life teaching self defense at the women’s shelter and visiting the local bookstore where she meets Mark. Like all romances, love is complicated and Rachel declines Mark at first. Eventually, as all good roommates and friends do, Danielle talks Rachel into opening up to the possibility of Mark. It is here we get our first hint that Rachel isn’t as plain as she seems. It is through her relationship with Danielle and her eventual romantic interest in Mark, that we are painfully introduced to the idea that Rachel has been through something horrific and is hiding from something or someone.


While the first 100 pages of her 359 page novel are slow and leave you asking more questions and almost painfully begging for answers, the author mercifully delivers all that and more in Part 2 of the book. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here, but the story of Rachel leaves the reader experiencing an enlightenment of horror and sadness.


Yes. This novel has a romantic element, but it a suspenseful thriller above all else!

Source: http://thebreakingbooks.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/falsesecurity-byangiemartin