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Lost In Me (Here and Now) - Lexi Ryan

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And Now "Lost In Me" - A Review

*Gasps for breath*

It's rare for me to stay awake all night reading, but I couldn't stop reading this book! Lexi Ryan's characters grabbed my attention from page one and kept me guessing until the very end.


The book begins by introducing its characters through the eyes of Hanna, our heroine and main character. Hanna wakes up in the hospital with a case of amnesia causing her to forget the last 11 months of her life. I know what you’re thinking, “how cliché,” but wait, there’s more. Not only does she not remember almost a year of her life, but she’s has lost a lot of weight, and is wearing an engagement ring and her lifelong crush, Maximilian Hallowell, is now claiming to be her fiancé.


Dunt dunt duuuuuhh!


This is where our story line presents itself, getting Hanna’s memory back. Now, I know, I know – "But our writer broke the rules, how could this book not be another corny romance?" The writer, Ms. Ryan, openly admits this writing faux pas, but this creative choice has no negative effect on the story. On the contrary, it excels the story into a fast paced suspense/mystery/romance that had me grabbing my e-reader until 3:00 AM.


I won’t go much into the plot and twists of the story, but just want to give you an idea of how complicated it gets trying to piece Hanna’s memory back together.




Upon being released from the hospital, Hanna is told her memory may or may not come back over time. Her wonderful, loving, and gorgeous husband to-be takes her back to her apartment where still nothing is familiar. Hanna then decides to  create some new memories and fools around with Max. However, her straight laced, controlling, no-sex-before-marriage mother walks in on them.




After her mother fusses at them for being reckless, after all her daughter was just released from the hospital. Her mother then leaves ushering her fiancé out at the same time.


Not fair!


Hanna decides to call it a night and makes her way through the unfamiliar surroundings to her bed and falls asleep. But that's not all ladies and gents! Hanna wakes suddenly in the night to what she believes is her fiancé coming back to stay with her.

In her haze of sleep, if finally registers that this person doesn't smell like her fiancé, nor is his dirty mouth sound anything like him! She jolts from her bed, thinking the person in her bed is an attacker. Before things completely lose control, the guys eyes travel to the engagement ring on her hand and then he gets angry, “You could have told me.”


Why would an attacker care if she was engaged, or know so much about her???




I’m not going to ruin any more for you, but I swear this all happens within the first 4 chapters and it doesn’t slow down from there. So when you read this book strap in and hang on; it goes about hundred miles a second!


I was thrown by the amount of emphasis the characters, and Hanna, put on her weight. The story made it seem that she lost almost 100 pounds. I get it. I'm a woman, we all have our body issues. I believe that this book was trying to demonstrate the struggle we all have learning no matter how hard we work we will never have the supermodel body, but the point is finding what makes us healthy and happy. I just didn't expect it to be brought up throughout the entire book.


I really enjoyed reading Lexi’s first book of her new series. It was entertaining and sexy. I will say I was disappointed by the lack of actual sex in this book, but this was a character personality choice that I could live with. I also ran into a few places in this book when I was reading and everything seemed a little over the top. It seemed as though everything that could go terribly and horribly wrong, went terribly and horribly wrong and towards the end it became a little redundant. Hanna, however, is the best heroine I've read in a very long time. She's strong, independent, and determined to make it on her own and on her own terms.


I can’t wait for Lexi’s next book in the series, "Fall to You." I, for one, will definitely be reading!


*Reader Beware* If you are a person who does not like cliff hanger ending, this book is not for you.


Happy reading!


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